Monday, March 21, 2016

Flu Postpones Zombie Apocalypse

Can a flu postpone a zombie apocalypse? It happened in Deadmonton.

The project was initially supposed to go live at the end of January, where the introduction to how the situation came about would slowly be revealed in Edmonton's Triweekly News (an associated site set up for this project, which, most likely, won't be needed or used now).

Unfortunately, the person doing this project (me) ended up with a bad flu in January, the situation was further complicated by having Cystic Fibrosis. 2 months post hospitalization, full recovery is still months down the road.

Due to how the story line progresses, it needs to start by early Spring; however,  it can be pushed back as far as the end of May if certain elements are trimmed a bit. Beyond end of May, the story's time frame would no longer follow Edmonton's seasons, which is important for how the project was conceptualized.

The intro, which was supposed to start in January, will be worked into the main story line - rewrites are being done for this now. The main issue, though, is creating all the image files of the outbreak around Edmonton / Deadmonton. If it's not possible to get a good portion of this done prior to end of May, then Deadmonton will be pushed back to Spring of 2017. Best case scenario is that things go live (go dead?) by end of May, worst case scenario is that it will be pushed back and start in Spring 2017. In the latter case, Deadmonton will benefit by more time being available to create new images and complete other items on the to do list. So a delay would just mean that more stuff, intended to be added over time, would then be there from day one.

We'll see how it goes. The end of the world is unpredictable. For now, I'm just grateful I wasn't the first to fall in Deadmonton.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Deadmonton Teaser Site is Up

Teaser site is up for The zombie apocalypse is that much closer to happening in Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta. The site will have a major update when it transforms into the main site, you can read about these changes to Deadmonton on at